Basic Website

Basic Website


A basic website is perfect for the following scenarios:


    • → Small Business
    • → Blogs
    • → Liberal Professionals
    • → Digital Brochures
    • → Informational
    • → Agency
    • → Retail Business
    • → Insurance
    • → Real Estate


When you buy the basic website at full price you get PRECEDENCE in the schedule. Otherwise, you can choose to pay an initial deposit and then later do the final payment.

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A basic page website has all the content distributed between different pages. The main menu navigation usually takes you to the different pages. It is like a slides presentation where all the slides are linked together with hyperlinks. Basic websites usually have pages like Products, Services, News, Frequently Asked Questions, About Us and Contact Us.  All the content is spread within all the pages and you need to navigate between them through the links available. 


The basic website requires also some extra pages for legal purposes: Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Normally these pages are available in the footer menu. Other pages are needed for errors, like the 404 Page Not Found.


The beauty of a basic website is that you can promote your products or your services in an informative way. A website well designed will allows the visitor to navigate with easy. Basic websites can be very helpful to have an online presence. It is important to avoid excessive complex menus and pages and make the information easily accessible to the visitors.


A basic website with the proper calls to action can encourage visitors to do something in your website, like to contact the owner, download a free ebook, sign up for a service, or join a newsletter. These successful actions are known as conversions.


You can always extent the content in your website by adding articles in your blog or adding extra pages.

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Product Type

Basic Website


1 Home Page and 4 Other Pages

Terms & Conditions

1 Page

Privacy Policy

1 Page

Contact Us

1 Page with 1 Contact Form

Total Pages

8 Pages


Small Business, Blog, Liberal Professionals, Informational Website, Agency, Retail Business, Insurance Agencies, Real Estate

Phone Consultations

3 Phone Consultations. In person consultations are only possible when the client is located or travels to Atlanta (GA).

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WordPress Theme

1 Premium WP Theme Included. Clients that request a theme that we do not carry are responsible for the cost of the theme.

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Copy Content

Not Included. Provided by Client

Photographic Content

8 Images Included


1 Admin + 1 Regular User


Fonts Included with the Theme

Search Engine Optimization

Basic SEO

Website Security

Basic WordFence Security

Client Training

2 Training Sessions

Website Client Support

Up to 30 days. After the website is launched, Web Locomotion provides free support to the client for up to 30 days. When the technical problem is due to negligence or misuse of the website, any support needed is provided at the rate of $75/hr.

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