Ecommerce Website


Ecommerce Website


An ecommerce website is perfect for multiple scenarios:


    • → Small Business
    • → Retail Business
    • → Liberal Professionals
    • → Corporate Website
    • → Product/Service Sales
    • → Education / Academy
    • → Agency
    • → Real Estate


When you pay the full price in advance you get automatically a $200 DISCOUNT on this product. You also get PRECEDENCE in the schedule. Otherwise, you can choose to pay an initial deposit and then later do the final payment.

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An ecommerce website is a great idea for startups and business that want to expand their business reach and increase sales. The ecommerce sales are expected to grow to $4 trillion by 2020. You can not ignore that. 


Ecommerce has the advantages of low financial investment and it can generate a tremendous potential of passive income. The ecommerce website package will bring you to the starting line of the race to success. With this basic package you can, at least, start to compete online with other businesses.


With practice and training, you can become a leader in the race.  You might be able to start running the online shop by yourself and then later hire employees when you grow up to a certain level. The good thing is that you don’t have to hire as many people as in a brick and mortar shop.


The beauty of the ecommerce website is that you can sell your products or services 24/7/365 in the whole world. Online shops do not close for vacations or festivities.


Another advantage of the ecommerce website is that you can receive multiple orders and there is no waiting line in the cash register for the clients. Online shops can process big volumes of orders without a problem.


Ecommerce allows you to have statistical data about your website. After analyzing the data, you can target specific audiences and later use the awesome retargeting technique.


The objective of an ecommerce website is conversions: sell products, sell digital downloads, sign up for a service, or join a subscription. The ecommerce package is only available to sell digital or physical products and services. This package does not include bookings, reservations or subscriptions (if you need one of these services, please contact us).

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Full Ecommerce Website


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1 Page

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1 Page with 1 Contact Form

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12 Pages + 12 Product Pages


Small Business, Retail Business, Liberal Professionals, Corporate Website, Product/Service, Sale, Education / Academy, Agency, Real Estate

Phone Consultations

5 Phone Consultations. In person consultations are only possible when the client is located or travels to Atlanta (GA).

Email Consultations


WordPress Theme

1 Premium WP Theme Included. Clients that request a theme that we do not carry are responsible for the cost of the theme.

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Not Included. Provided by Client

Photographic Content

12 Images Included


1 Admin + 2 Regular Users

Search Engine Optimization

Basic SEO

Website Security

Basic WordFence Security

Client Training

3 Training Sessions

Website Client Support

45 Days Free Support. After the website is launched, Web Locomotion provides free support to the client for up to 45 days. When the technical problem is due to negligence or misuse of the website, any support needed is provided at the rate of $75/hr.

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