Facebook Advertisement

Facebook Advertisement



Facebook advertisement is perfect for multiple reasons:


    • → Millions of users spend a lot of time in social media
    • → You can target a specific audience
    • → You get immediate results in real time
    • → It has a high ROI and low CPA
    • → It increase brand awareness, traffic, conversions, customer attribution and offline sales
    • → It is cost effective and affordable
    • → It creates visitor’s engagement
    • → All the results are measurable
    • → It allows retargeting and email marketing campaigns
    • → You can set your own daily budget

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Facebook has over 1.85 billion users and 65% of adults over the age of 65 use Facebook. The numbers are whopping because 80% of all Internet users use Facebook and most users check their Facebook page multiple times per day.


To reach your perfect audience, you can target potential customers by age, interests, behaviour, and location. Facebook ads create engagement with customers.


Facebook ads is one of the cheapest forms of advertising, when compared with radio, TV, or billboards. You can setup your own daily budget and a $20/week budget can reach up to 1000 people of the target audience.


Facebook ads will boost your website traffic when you create a good campaign. But for Facebook ads to be effective it takes time and experience and you should contract a professional to do the job for you.


With Facebook ads there is no guessing. The results are measurable and numbers speak by themselves. You can analyze all the data: impressions, clicks, conversions, visitors, and then take the appropriate measures.


You should begin to cut out other more expensive advertising campaign channels and start doing Facebook ads!.

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